Sunday, May 10, 2009

Purple Martin Houses

I've always loved the cute and whimsical Purple Martin house, perched tall above the ground. Even if the house is inhabited by other bird species, they do much to keep pesky insects at bay. Particularly the mosquito, whom I much despise even with my nature loving ways.

I recently went searching for the perfect Martin abode for my backyard. I had to make a decision: the gourd house or the high rise condo. I like the natural look of the gourd house. But the cute condos are quite nice and spacious. Perhaps I could find one with granite countertops and central A/C? 

I found many styles of condos, each with a particular charm. The rural John Deere design was functional and unostentatious.

This quaint and modest white condo was quite appealing, and at $29 was also very reasonable. It boasts a sloping roof design that prevents water from entering the units and balconies. All metal construction keeps out squirrels and other predators.

Of course, no house could top the French Chalet. This whimsical
cottage boasts a new stone
fireplace, a spacious upstairs deck, beautiful garden windows, and even a dog house for the Purple Martin pet owner. Although no pictures of the interior were included, I am certain it has hard wood floors and a garden tub. 

Then I turned my attention to the purple martin gourd houses. I had no idea the Amish were professional gourd bird house makers. Their website contains detailed instructions for creating your own gourd purple martin house.

Suddenly I wanted to create my own bird house! What better way to spend a weekend then creating a house for my favorite feathered friends. I found gourd seeds at my usual vendor, Seeds of Change. I'm going to plant some ornamental gourds soon and use them to create my very own purple martin houses. Stay tuned for updates on this project. 

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